a quick team formed overnight to fight the evils and injustice prevalent in the world using react and ..... sentry (ba dum tsssss)

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An app to send location aware notes which will be received when device is in that particular geo-fenced location.

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it is a PWA which allows users to drop notes at the users location and enable other user who walk by the same location to pick the note up.


  • Open the URL at https://notefences.herokuapp.com/ in a mobile browser (no private / incognito windows pls )
  • Once the app has loaded - add to home screen for best experience
  • Click on the + icon to create a note
  • Click on send CTA to drop the note
  • Repeat steps 1&2 in another device , preferably from another location
  • Now the owner of the second device should walk to the location where the first person dropped the note (keeping the app open)
  • If everything goes smooth , the second person should be able to pickup the previously dropped note 🎉

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