We're a couple of engineers from Bangalore, India. Deepak Karki is notably the creator an maintainer of https://www.discoverdev.io/ and enjoys working on tools and products that improve collaboration and productivity for the community of creators. Kushagra Sharma works as a software engineer at PayPal, India and enjoys teaching in his spare time at Codementor: https://www.codementor.io/sharmakushagra

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A tool that lets creator convert their Github curation lists into an easy to use website without any code.

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Github lists are simple collection of useful links organized in a markdown file. Here's an example . They are incredibly useful and popular. Unfortunately, they can often grow too large to be able to explore easily and it can get pretty tedious to get to something that you were looking for.

We make the experience of exploration a breeze by tagging the items in the list and allow filtering the list based on these tags. This can be used by list maintainers to generate a website with a much richer experience without any code. The application expects data to be supplied as JSON in a defined structure instead of a markdown which would be a one time activity for an existing list.


The application loads a web page which is already populated with some sample data. It contains a collection of links organized into sections. The links are also tagged. Tags can be selected either from the complete list of tags at the top or from the individual links. The page content updates on the selection to show results which are relevant to the tags that are selected.

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