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Create a simple presentation slides easily.

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The app name is Slap, You can create presentation project, add slides, and add textbox, but you cannot move the textbox.


Slap developed in Chrome 68, so it will be better if you use that.

Several instructions : - To change title, Just update it in header of Editor page. - To add project, click Add New Project. - To add slides, click '+' button. - To update textbox, double click the textbox. - To delete textbox, click textbox and press delete. - To play, click Play button. - To add textbox, click textbox in toolbar and click on Main Slide. - To remove slide, click 'X' in slide list.

View the screencast:

Built With

  • Create React App
  • date-fns
  • normalize.css
  • react-helmet
  • react-icons
  • redux & react-redux
  • redux-persist
  • styled-components
  • typeface-roboto
  • uuid
  • eslint
  • prettier
  • storybook
  • jest-styled-components
  • enzyme

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