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Happy Mining Farm

Explore mining farm simualtor (clicker) game. Become an owner of mining farm!

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Happy Mining Farm is timekiller-clicker game with some "trading" features. You need to place some mining farm components on board, mine cryptocurrency and trade it. We got a really unstable exchange market for you :) Become an owner of a biggest mining farm :D


This entry tested only in Chrome.

This is simple clicker game "Happy Mining Farm"

Place some mining equipment on board and click on generated coins!

Trade your mined currency in stock exchange

Some equipment can change its currency for mining. Just click several times on currency icon in the corner (not about ASICs)

Watch out of overheat! When you get an overheat, your equipment will lose its power

Built With

  • create-react-app
  • react
  • redux
  • react-components
  • chart.js
  • bootstrap
  • immer
  • Used icon packs Business Collection, PC components, Technology Elements and Crypto currency made by Smashicons from
  • Pick and DollarSign icons from Twitter Emoji / CC-BY 4.0

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