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Spell Bound

Game related to spellings, you can check spelling skills here.

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As various research show that the impact of visual is far greater than that of audio/ voices. this gaming application allows you to enhance your spelling skills along with the meaning of the word which you have to spell correctly. It has three level of difficulties EASY, MEDIUM and HARD, you can select accordingly. Every correct spelling can get you 5 points. It will also show the highest score. If you finish your first level you will be redirected to the level selection screen where you can choose another level.


There are 3 screen. Login screen: For now there is no validation so you can fill any data and continue. Level Selection: Here you can select you game level and go to next page. Game Screen: You have to choose the missing word from the bellow circle. there will be no action on wrong selection but a popup will show on correct answer and 5 points will add on your score.

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Backend: MongoDB, Mongoose, NodeJs, JWT-Simple, mlab for Mongodb hosting, Heroku - Node APIs Hosting Frontend: React 16.4.2, Webpack, Axios, Bootstrap, Jquery, Redux, Firebase - Frontend App hosting

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