anakbawang is the equivalent of greenhorn in Indonesian.

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AnakBawang Rhythm

AnakBawang Rhythm is a fun rhythm-based web game. You play by pressing arrow keys (followed with a space key) to match the guide shown on screen, while listening to fun songs available.

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AnakBawang Rhythm is a fun rhythm-based web game, inspired by F2P MMO game Audition Online.


  1. Follow arrow sequence shown on the screen, press your Arrow keys to complete the sequence.
  2. Once you complete the sequence, press Space key to submit. Don't forget to match it with the beat/guide.



  • A desktop resolution (min 1366*768)
  • Good internet connection (to stream Youtube videos without buffering)
  • Mainstream modern browsers (tested on latest version of Google Chrome)


  • Open the entry url
  • Press Up & Down arrow on your keyboard to pick song
  • Press Enter to start the game.
  • Once in the game, follow the guide/direction on screen using your arrow and space keys.

For visual guide, check the tutorial in game.

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