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API Reactor

Create and design API schemas without writing code.

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API Reactor is a graphical user interface for creating and designing API Specs that require no code at all. Design schema, create mocks, and simulate errors all inside API Reactor.


  1. Login using your Google email (we're using Google sign-in auth)
  2. We have 2 tabs on the screen (Endpoint and Model) Main screen
  3. Go to Endpoint (default tab)
  4. Select one of the endpoints Endpoint
  5. Scroll down to find the Test Success Response and Test Failed Response
  6. Click one of those buttons to try the success and failed response
  7. The success or failed response will be shown on the right side Failed Success
  8. Go to Model tab to see the available models Model

View the screencast:

Built With

  1. Create React App Typescript
  2. Redux
  3. Redux Saga
  4. Firebase Functions and Database (Firestore)
  5. Reactstrap
  6. Axios
  7. Faker
  8. ExpressJS
  9. Typescript
  10. Formik
  11. Shortid
  12. yup
  13. connected-react-router
  14. SCSS
  15. lodash
  16. lodash-es
  17. webpack
  18. js-cookie
  19. react-select
  20. react-toggle

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