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We decided to create Gallyt to allow us to follow our favorite git repositories from many forges like bitbucket, github, gitlab ( & self-hosted) with a client side application. Our goal for this hackathon was to create a Proof of Concept with a single repository reader.


When Microsoft announced they bought github, some projects migrated to another git forge. This made us think again that even if git is decentralized by nature the forges that we're using for collaboration provide us a view and feedback only for projects that are centralized in their software. With Gallyt we wanted to test if it was possible to make a view that is only client side and only use the git http transport so we can explore a repo independently of where it is stored (Github, Gitlab, your own machine) and if in the future we can try to add forge agnostic code collaboration (with Merge request/Pull request, Mails) and issue reporting with adapters for existing solutions, to try to solve the fact that Git Collaboration is mainly today "Centralized"

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Please, use latest chrome or chromium to test. (Currently Firefox don't implement some fetch functionalities that we need)

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