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Twitter Highlight Reel

See any twitter user's most popular tweets from the past (7 | 14 | 30) days.

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You know how pro athletes have highlight reels of just their best plays? This is like a highlight reel for tweets. Want to know what Donald Trump's most popular tweets were from the past 30 days? What about Elon Musk's? What about YOURS? Type in any twitter user's username and we'll handle the rest.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Abraham Lincoln

"But how do you measure tweet popularity?" Good question. We use our proprietary, patent-pending algorithm. (sort by favorites + retweets) ;)

Disclaimer: Won't work for any twitter user whose profile is private. Batteries not included.


In the text input, type in the twitter handle of any twitter user who owns a public profile. (will not work for private profile). Upon submitting search, you will be presented with that user's most popular tweets from the past week sorted by popularity. You may select a different time period- ex) Last 14 days and Last month. Changing the time period will show you the most popular tweets from that time period sorted by popularity.

Continue inputting users whose top tweets you'd like to view to your heart's content.

By the way I know the styling is mediocre T_T ran out of time!

Built With

AWS Lambda for 1 small function to act as a proxy to hit Twitter servers Serverless to easily deploy to AWS Firebase for hosting react app Twitter API to fetch tweets for any user you search Some open source React components: react-select, react-loader-spinner, react-radio-buttons Of course more open source software from npm

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