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A web-application for obtaining the lyrics to songs, and you can even have the lyrics read out to you.

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A web-application that allows the user to input a song and the artist's name and will recieve the lyrics for this song, as well as a web-speaker that outputs the lyrics. And a video of the song.


Simply input a song name and artist name into the text-fields, click the button, and proceed with the sing-along now that you actually know the lyrics (in-app instructions are present). Note: The web-speech API functionality may not work on mobile devices.

Built With


  • React
  • Create-React-App
  • Redux + Thunk
  • AnimateCSS
  • BulmaCSS
  • Axios
  • Web-speech API
  • Fetch API
  • Apiseeds Lyric API
  • Youtube Data API [v3]
  • Now
  • See package.json

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